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StartUp My City

As cities grow and develop rapidly, citizens are demanding more efficiency with better services and an improved quality of life. This has driven governments to focus on building smarter and more sustainable cities which are powered by the technological developments that can enable them.

Which cities in ASEAN are poised to become smart and sustainable cities and how do they compare with their Asia-Pacific peers?

About Startup My City

About StartUp My City

Startup My City: Smart and sustainable cities in Asia is a research programme from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) sponsored by Hitachi, which examines sustainable and smart city initiatives in 20 cities across ASEAN and Asia-Pacific. Read More

Briefing Paper

Startup My City : Smart and sustainable cities in Asia
Briefing Paper

The concept of what constitutes a smart city is vague, and ranges from a narrow definition of technology to one that considers quality of life more broadly across a range of areas, such as education, the environment, safety and governance. Hence, this report uses the terms smart city and technology-led development interchangeably.

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