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Mr. Sanjay Seth (Managing Director Hitachi Metals India)
Sanjay Seth Managing Director
Hitachi Metals (India) Pvt. Ltd.

As part of Hitachi's Global Social Innovation Business initiative, we in Hitachi Metals (India) believe in the concept of multilateral collaboration between multiple organizations, minds and insights; effecting materials and engineering driven transformation in business efficiencies, governance and consumers' lives which is truly demonstrated in our Energy Efficient Amorphous Metal for distribution transformer business. Our manufacturing facility in India produces energy efficient amorphous soft magnetic components globally for PVs & xEVs – the most innovative and advancing sectors mitigating the energy challenges of our society. At Hitachi Metals our aim is to become the world's leading high-performance materials company by contributing to future innovations in the field of energy, infrastructure and automotive by continuously challenging ourselves to meet changing society needs.

Hitachi’s revolutionary metal technology is contributing to nation’s ‘Power for All vision’

Though India has achieved an installed power capacity of 330GW, the distribution loss is still a major concern. Harnessing the loss would ensure greater availability and accessibility of power to many more.

Hitachi Metals as a leader in cutting-edge pathbreaking metal technologies is playing a crucial role in India's Energy sector and is creating a difference by helping customers achieve maximum productivity through minimum loss.

Hitachi Metals is one of the leading producers of Amorphous Metal, which goes by the brand name of Metglas®. Its unique material has a significantly low magnetic core, which can harness energy losses and is very useful for making energy-efficient transformers.

For a big country like India whose need for power is growing at a rapid pace, enhancement in transformer efficiency goes a long way in deeper penetration of the same amount of power generated. This in turn results in less need for power plants, less consumption of natural and other resources, less pollution, healthier society and sustainable growth of the economy and the country.

For Hitachi, it is one of the small yet critical contributions that have the power to transform the power distribution system in India.

1 - As per industry standards

Today, the energy transmission and distribution losses are of prime concern. Hitachi Metal technology helps reduce the no load losses in a distribution transformer by 60-75% 1 as compared to the conventional silicon steel. Thus, helping to bring electricity to more people.

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