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Social Innovation

Tarun Seth (Managing Director Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic India)
Tarun Seth Managing Director
Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic has emerged as leading systems integrator actively contributing towards digital India initiatives by offering mature OT and IT strategy. Our aim is to enable enterprises and governments create efficiency and convenience and provide advanced social infrastructure for improved Quality of Life. We have executed some prestigious projects such as State Data Center, enabling government services accessible to citizens through common service delivery outlets. In Banking, our focus is on leveraging digital technologies by undertaking projects such as financial inclusion and encouraging safe banking by redefining the cybersecurity operations for a digital world. These initiatives are empowering citizens with world class services leading to the economic development.

In India, Hitachi is helping customers leverage power of Data

Today, the world is literally a click away. Virtual world has blurred the notion of reality and IT has become an intrinsic part of our daily lives, permeating our work and social structure deep and wide.

The rapid growth of data driven technology has given companies more data about customers that is enabling organizations to tailor products to suit the individual customer's needs. The key technology drivers are Big Data & Analytics, Mobility, Social Media and Cloud Computing.

In a vast and densely populated country like India, harnessing such voluminous data and its analysis has a wide-ranging impact in understanding the trends, the future demands that significantly impacts business decisions, investments and undertake timely measures to ensure smooth transitions, growth, long and short-term growth of organizations and the economy.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic is fully equipped to partner the government's commitment and its customers' need to upscale and upgrade existing infrastructure. Such advancement will ensure a robust technology driven foundation that will support future societal needs and holistic long-term development in the country.

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Big Data and Cloud Computing
e-Sewa Kendra
e-Sewa Kendra Punjab, India
OT and IT Strategy
State Data Center
e-Sewa Kendra punjab
Big Data and Cloud Computing
Common Service Delivery Center

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