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Social Innovation


In recent times, we've encountered forceful reminders of the key role played by public infrastructure. In particular, the security and stability of our electric power supplies have emerged as issues of great concern.

In addition to ensuring the stable supply of electricity essential for maintaining modern lifestyles and industrial growth, Hitachi is developing power-generation systems that maximize the efficient use of resources while minimizing environmental burdens. We're also actively developing control systems that support the stable supply of electricity from renewable energy power systems.

Addressing Energy's Changing Landscape

Hitachi believes social innovation is a key to optimizing energy flows and ensuring a more reliable and sustainable world for generations to come. With our extensive experience and advanced information technologies, we can effectively draw on a wide range of energy sources—from thermal and hydro to renewable energies like wind and solar—to provide a stable and sustainable power supply. Hitachi seeks to contribute to a smart energy infrastructure based on an integration of information technologies and energy systems.