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Transport yourself to 2030

Hop onboard and let us transport you to 2030...

Travelling around a busy European city today can be a challenging experience.

But what will it be like in 10 years’ time?

Congestion, pollution and cost all make travelling through a busy city an experience most of us try to avoid. The problem has become so bad that the European Mayors Challenge, a competition created by Bloomberg to find out the major issues that cities are facing, ranked transport as one of the six biggest challenges facing city administrators, alongside unemployment, health and crime.

So, what is being done? The world is bursting with ideas about how to overcome these issues, and many expect the next 10 years to see an explosion of change. From the self-driving electric bus, connected trains, fully electric local delivery vehicles—including autonomous driving functions— to the use of drones for the last mile or less accessible locations, the world is gearing up for the urban mobility of tomorrow.

Frost and Sullivan, in partnership with Hitachi, decided to investigate these technologies in a whitepaper called Urban Transport and Logistics: The future of advanced technology in optimising the movement of goods and people. The paper looks at transformational trends, the hottest areas of innovation and offers conclusions about the journey towards a new transport urban paradigm.

To see what a future city could look like, transport yourself to 2030 in the cityscape above…