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Social Innovation

Smart City Technology for a Sustainable Future

Hitachi's smart city technologies and solutions aim to help citizens make the most of their lives and professions.

For example, our customized dashboards, created by collecting data and video insights, help factory managers make better decisions. In addition, our predictive maintenance, advanced analytics and advanced process control significantly reduce waste and overhead costs in the factory.

Hitachi is connecting critical data and IoT technology on the healthcare front to provide physicians with a 360-degree view of patients in real time. This helps doctors make a better diagnosis and suggest an optimal treatment plan.

Hitachi's smart city infrastructure methodology is the cornerstone of inclusive urban development, where smart cities are safer and better connected, allowing residents and visitors to move around the city more efficiently.

Discover how these smart city use cases exemplify Hitachi's contribution to a sustainable society and improve people's quality of life.

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Factory Manager - A factory manager relies on data-driven insights to make informed decisions and develop a smart manufacturing and supply chain system. Hitachi Lumada Manufacturing Insights enables manufacturers to successfully transition to industrial digitalization.

Fleet Managers - Common strategic responsibilities of a fleet manager include raising safety awareness, maximizing fuel efficiency, and reducing operating costs. Hitachi’s smart fleet management solutions help commercial fleet operators digitally transform for a better future.

Doctor - To create an inclusive healthcare infrastructure, Hitachi aims to introduce digital innovation in healthcare to co-create a healthy society where physicians make informed decisions based on data-driven insights and quality healthcare is accessible on the go, improving the patient experience.

Visitors - A smart city plan improves the passenger experience through data-driven insights, using advanced digital technologies such as IoT, AI, and machine learning. Urban commuting becomes less stressful with smart mobility.

Businesswoman - Brick-and-mortar retail is now thriving as store owners leverage digital technologies to provide smart retail for an enhanced customer experience.

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