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Smart Cities From Hitachi

Cities are complex organisms of people, governments, businesses and organizations that require holistic yet sustainable solutions to meet their diverse needs. By collaborating with technology partners like Hitachi, governments and industries such as retail, manufacturing, aviation and transportation are implementing IoT-enabled smart spaces to improve health and safety, increase efficiency and enhance their customer experience.

The challenges of creating safer and more viable cities are constantly changing, and no two situations are alike. With its core Internet of Things platform, Lumada, Hitachi is solving these challenges by addressing individual problems and looking for ways to build smart city infrastructure in the U.S. that can scale with cities' changing needs - not by trying to fit cities' goals to a pre-packaged solution.

With its combined expertise in OT and IT, Hitachi is leveraging Lumada to develop IoT solutions for industrial and commercial infrastructure, public safety, transportation and traffic issues, among others.

With solutions such as Hitachi Video Analytics (HVA) and Hitachi Visualization Suite, we help public safety organizations gain real-time situational awareness and tools for data-driven policing. We deliver operational intelligence to airports and transportation agencies to keep people moving and safe. We deliver business intelligence for retailers and downtowns so they can thrive.

Your city can now be Smart and Safe

Hitachi’s smart city solutions caters to key sectors:

Retail - Smart retail solutions such as Hitachi Automated Shop are designed to help automate retail operations and develop a sustainable supply chain that is more resilient and predictive to provide a seamless, personalized shopping experience for the end customer.

Air Travel - Smart and sustainable air travel has become a reality with Hitachi Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights, which combine artificial intelligence (AI), video analytics and 3D LiDAR to optimize almost everything in and around airports - from smart parking at busy terminals to seamless passenger boarding and baggage claim.

Public Safety - Hitachi Smart Technology uses video intelligence and predictive crime analytics to provide law enforcement with proactive threat detection to improve public and private security.

Transportation & Mobility - Hitachi IoT solutions are helping improve daily commute in smart cities. Real-time information on people and traffic flows, proactive incident alerts allow transit operators to provide smart mobility solutions for a stress-free urban living.

Want to learn more? Check out our smart cities page to get started.