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Hitachi Visualization Suite predicts where crime is going to happen by collecting data from various sources and condensing it all onto a single pane of glass.


The Internet of Things That Matter is improving city efficiency by timing traffic lights to help responders get to emergencies faster.


Data analytics shifts the focus from disease management to improving patient outcomes. Thus, giving doctors the tools they need to better serve their communities.


Predictive Maintenance uses Big Data and advanced analytics to optimize when to service equipment, which reduces failure rates. Predictive Maintenance is used in various industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure management, oil and gas, and many more.


Hitachi sensors and asset tracking allows mining and construction companies to manage their resources, thus creating big savings.


Hitachi Microgrids deliver continuous electricity even when the main utility grid goes down allowing emergency teams to deliver critical services during prolonged power outages. What’s more, it can reduce your electricity costs as well as integrate clean energy sources enabling communities to stay within operating budgets and meet their sustainability goals.

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In the evolution of urban living, IoT, data analytics, and AI are transforming cities for sustainability and improving our quality of life. Video analytics provide key insights for smart spaces, while IoT ensures connectivity, and AI-powered video intelligence redefines decision-making. Hitachi pioneers solutions for smart cities and spaces, contributing to a sustainable future.

Hitachi Smart City projects in action

Hitachi's commitment to designing safer, smarter and connected urban spaces underscores its role as a leader in smart city development, creating a future where digital technology enriches the urban experience.

Some of Hitachi’s key smart city projects include -

Enhancing Moreno Valley’s Situational Awareness:

Moreno Valley recognized the need for enhanced visibility and responsiveness in making public security and policing more data-driven. To address this challenge, Moreno Valley chose Hitachi to realize its comprehensive security goals and build a citywide video surveillance system. The solution was based on Hitachi Visualization Platform (HVP) edge-capture devices and Hitachi Visualization Suite (HVS) software.

The partnership helped Moreno Valley accelerate proactive response and situational awareness through real-time monitoring of multiple information systems and actionable video intelligence.

Tequila's Smart City Transformation:

Tequila, a city in Mexico, aimed to enhance its tourism potential by utilizing its resources to boost opportunities for local people. To achieve this goal, it embarked on a smart city transformation project using cutting-edge smart spaces technology from Hitachi. By integrating, protecting, and analyzing data, the city is creating a smarter and safer future through the use of video analytics, IoT sensors, and intelligent applications.

This partnership with Hitachi helped the city of Tequila to drive greater economic, social, and ecological development for generations to come.

Start Your Smart Spaces Journey Today

Smart spaces are booming around us with cities, campuses, airports, retail and manufacturing among the many organizations taking data-driven approaches to improvements in several areas from operational efficiency to human safety.

Read the Hitachi Smart Spaces and Video Intelligence ebook to learn how organizations make their spaces into smart spaces and leverage data-driven solutions to become more efficient while improving safety and customer experience :

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