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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia


Society today is grappling with increasingly complex issues that cut across many spheres, including energy, the environment, food, water, transportation, and security. Hitachi’s Social Innovation’s goal is to help identify solutions to the most pressing issues facing our customers and society.

We develop innovative solutions based on the deep experience and technical expertise we've accumulated across a wide range of industry sectors. We're also planting the seeds of Social Innovation by gaining insights into the social issues of the future while promoting open innovation.

Powering the Creation of Social Innovation

Hitachi sees R&D as a major key to accelerating social innovation on a global basis. In a related initiative, we're moving forward with NEXPERIENCE, Hitachi’s own approach to the co-creation of new service businesses alongside our customers. We also create innovative products and services by advancing R&D that enhances and fuses the technological expertise we've developed in the fields of energy, electronics, machinery, materials, systems, information and communication technologies (ICT), controls, production, and healthcare. Based on our long-term vision, we're pursuing highly advanced R&D with an eye on future issues.