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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Hitachi in Asia - A Journey of Hope and Innovation

    For 110+ years, Hitachi has been a pioneering force in innovation, dedicated to making a positive difference in communities through digital and green technologies. This enduring commitment has shaped Hitachi into a global leader that brings new value while safeguarding the planet.

    Hitachi in Asia continues this legacy with a pioneering spirit and innovations that are propelling the world towards a brighter, and more sustainable future.

    Hitachi in Asia is on a mission to transform technologies, solutions, systems, and infrastructures to enhance the Quality of Life for everyone. This is how Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business is powering good.

    Digital, Green, Innovative Solutions – Beacons of Hope

    Pressing societal challenges naturally affect people’s way of living.

    In some parts of Southeast Asia, erratic power supply at home and water rationing during temporary water supply cuts are inconveniences which some may need to face periodically. In the densely populated urban cities, getting stuck in traffic is a common problem as governments struggle to control the car population. Most importantly, receiving advanced treatment is extremely crucial for the critically ill.

    Through our Digital, Green and Innovative technologies, Hitachi aims to tackle these issues so that people’s living needs are enhanced. Only then, can we be hopeful about the future.

    Explore how Hitachi’s solutions have created a positive impact on society and catch the team behind each solution in this video!


    Powering a Greener Tomorrow

    Southeast Asia is a rapidly growing region with a growing energy demand. However, the region also relies heavily on fossil fuels, a major source of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Committed to decarbonisation, Hitachi is supporting Southeast Asia’s transition to a more flexible, sustainable, and secure energy future with the help of cutting-edge power generation and management solutions. Hitachi is also working to improve the efficiency of existing power grids.

    Indonesia, Southeast Asia's largest energy consumer, aims to boost renewable energy to 23% of the energy mix by 2025, up from 9.7% in 2016. Through the Nusa Penida Microgrid Project, Hitachi supported Indonesia’s energy transition by providing cleaner energy to 12,000 homes. As one of the nation’s G20 showcases in Bali, the microgrid project also addressed increased energy demand during the summit in 2022.

    A Healthier Southeast Asia

    Quality healthcare is the cornerstone of any thriving society. Southeast Asia faces healthcare challenges, such as a shortage of medical professionals, healthcare gaps in rural and underserved areas, and escalating healthcare costs. From advanced medical imaging equipment to digital health records and precision therapies, Hitachi ensures that high-quality healthcare is available to people across Southeast Asia.

    Today, Cancer still stands as one of the leading cause of mortality in Singapore. Equipped with Hitachi's cutting-edge Proton Therapy, the Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre that sits within the National Cancer Centre Singapore houses such gantries. This system employs Real-time image Gating for Proton Therapy (RGPT) to treat moving tumors and advanced spot scanning technology for precise irradiation of complex-shaped tumors. Hitachi continues to support patient-friendly, minimally invasive cancer treatments, contributing to the further development of cancer therapy.

    Connecting Communities

    Due to the region's rapid urbanisation and large population, transportation becomes a prominent concern. Hitachi collaborates with governments and industry stakeholders to improve transportation efficiency and reduce congestion. With next-generation trains and rail systems, Hitachi is reshaping the transportation sector, providing a glimpse of the future of Southeast Asia's mobility.

    Bangkok was ranked the world's second most congested city in 2016. During The Bangkok Red Line Project, Hitachi and its partners delivered 25 trains to ease congestion and improve accessibility. This sustainable, eco-friendly solution benefits daily commuters while reducing the city's environmental footprint.

    Nurturing Life

    As concerns over water scarcity and pollution continue to mount globally, Southeast Asia grapples with water issues of significant severity. From state-of-the-art desalination plants to wastewater treatment systems and the development of resilient water infrastructure, Hitachi is championing water conservation and protection, safeguarding precious resources for tomorrow.

    Metro Manila often experiences water shortages as 90% of its households rely on a single dam (Angat dam) for their water requirements. Hitachi's innovation now enables wastewater to be recycled into drinking water, easing the pressure on fresh water sources and thereby advancing water sustainability for Pasay City's residents. With a strong focus on technological innovation, Hitachi is dedicated to ensuring universal access to clean water.

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    Solutions That Make a

    Hitachi’s overarching commitment remains the same: to improve the quality of life and ensure that innovations today will lay a stronger and more sustainable foundation for the generations to come.

    Date of Release: November 2023