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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Hitachi develops technology capable of estimating demographic attributes by measuring human behavior through analysis of 3D imaging data

Hitachi has developed a technology for real-time, high-precision assessment of human behavior and estimation of demographic attributes. By analyzing 3D data from stereo cameras,*1 this technology achieves high-precision analysis of human behavior in crowded spaces, something that has been hard to achieve with 2D data from traditional surveillance cameras. At the same time, this technology can estimate demographic attributes based on analysis of 3D data taken from areas surrounding the human subjects.

Estimation of attributes by analyzing 3D data obtained from a stereo camera and examples of services

Providing services tailored to user attributes while contributing to more comfortable urban spaces

Previous methods of measuring human behavior have included use of surveillance cameras, laser radar, infrared tagging, and devices equipped with GPS technology. Measurements using imaging data from surveillance cameras are generally based on the position of human silhouettes. However, the difficulty of clearly identifying individual silhouettes in crowded spaces has made steps such as manual manipulation of image data necessary, an obstacle to high-precision real-time measurement. Applying image-recognition and stereo-camera technologies accumulated over many years, Hitachi has developed a solution that meets this challenge. Stereo-camera technology capable of capturing 3D data on subjects from two cameras, one on the left and one on the right, enables reliable assessments, even in crowded spaces. In addition, 3D analysis of human subjects and surrounding objects makes it possible to identify items such as baby strollers and other large objects and to estimate the attributes of the people using them. This technology is expected to see growing use across a wide range of fields, including marketing, and will enable services based on behavioral and demographic analytics in spaces such as commercial facilities, offices, and event spaces.

Stereo camera: A camera equipped with two lenses on both sides and sensor devices to capture two images. It takes a right and a left image simultaneously, and from the visual differences between the two images, depth direction information can be obtained and space can be understood stereoscopically.
  • Release Date: October 27, 2015