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Social Innovation

Hitachi’s Zero Ambition

In September 2021 Hitachi, a Principal Partner of COP26, committed to strengthening its own net zero strategy by extending its carbon neutrality responsibilities across its entire supply chain by FY2050. This new commitment surpasses its previous target of 80% reduction by FY2050 that was set in 2016. This target is highly ambitious given the relatively short timeline, but Hitachi has never lacked ambition, and it is a true indicator of how committed they are to achieving a low-carbon future. This bolsters the existing commitment of reaching carbon neutrality at all its factories and offices globally by FY2030.

Achieving carbon neutrality within its own production activities and offices will see the introduction of energy-saving equipment and the procurement of 100% renewable electricity throughout the business. These and other innovations will go a long way to Hitachi achieving the world's highest level of energy conservation across all its products.

However, Hitachi’s commitment for change extends way beyond its own boundaries. It is also helping governments, cities, businesses and suppliers achieve a decarbonised society by offering solutions in digitalisation, developing high-efficiency products, energy management systems and hydrogen-related technologies.

Hitachi is committed in playing a principal role in the effort to achieve a decarbonised society and remains a leading climate change innovator. To find out more please click here.