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Social Innovation

Glasgow School kids ask Hitachi about COP26 and the future of clean transport

Hitachi is committed to help governments, cities and businesses tackle climate change. As part of this commitment we need to foster and encourage the next generation of climate scientists and engineers. So as a proud Principal Partner of COP26 we went to Clyde Primary School in Glasgow, the host city of COP26, to meet the next generation of engineers.

We challenged these young and curious children to ask us all the tough questions about the future of clean transport and technology. We then asked some of Hitachi’s engineers to answer the children’s questions, and some were more challenging than others! This film is the result. It will be shared with the school children and the wider public at COP26 and beyond.

Hitachi is working tirelessly to innovate to prevent climate change, particularly around transport. Optimise Prime is the world’s largest commercial electric vehicle trial. In partnership, Hitachi is working to better understand the charging implications for electric vehicles, whether they charge in depots, at home, on the streets or a mixture. Another ambition for Optimise Prime to understand is the impact on the grid of millions of new electric vehicles plugging in. When is the best time to charge? When is there spare capacity? Where do we most urgently need new chargers installed? Can the batteries in electric vehicles contribute electricity back to the grid for a fee? To find out more about Hitachi’s work with Royal Mail and Optimise Prime please visit here.

Hitachi is working with First Bus to help them decarbonise their fleet. Working with their new all-electric buses Hitachi is helping First Bus improve their routes, charging schedules and depots to lower cost and CO2 emissions. To find out more about how Hitachi is working with First Bus to decarbonise their bus fleet please visit.

Hitachi is also working to decarbonise our railways. Trains are already the lowest carbon form of mass transportation. Hitachi is working with Scotrail to deliver zero-emission electric trains between Edinburgh and Glasgow and is developing battery-powered trains that avoid the need for costly track electrification. To find out more about Hitachi’s partnership with Scotrail please visit here.

Hitachi recognizes that tackling climate change will need the best and brightest minds to study technology and engineering. As part of this Hitachi wants to encourage and foster more women to study STEM subjects.

A special thank you to the Glasgow school children from Clyde Primary School:
Erin, Willow, Jack, Carson, Cristiano, Cameron, Rosie, Josh, Oliver, Mia, Iris, and Lacie. Also thank you to Headmaster Scott and class teacher Kimberly.

Also thank you to all of our Hitachi engineers and representatives…
Kendra Ayling: Group Head of Brand & Marketing, Hitachi Rail
Lorna McDonald: Head of Commuter UK
Natacha Torres: Product Manager, Hitachi Astemo
Heiko Altmannshofer: Senior Researcher, European R&D, Automotive & Industry Lab
Ram Ramachander: Head of Social Innovation for EMEA
Bourhan Yassin: COO, Rainforest Connection
Hitachi EMIEW3 Robot