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Social Innovation

Hitachi is powering our decarbonised future

Governments across Europe are working hard to reach Net Zero emissions. As the biggest contributor to CO2 emissions, transport is a key area of focus. Hitachi is committed to helping by developing electric transport solutions and supplying them with the renewable energy they need.

Road traffic alone contributes to 20% of emissions (Our World in Data, 2020). Electric vehicles are the way forward but before mass adoption can happen, electric grid systems need to prepare. ‘Optimise Prime’ is the largest commercial electric vehicle trial in the world with up to 3,000 vehicles taking part. In partnership with others, Hitachi is using its Internet of Things technology to measure the journey and charging habits of EVs, helping us predict future usage and prepare the national grid accordingly.

Besides EVs, Hitachi is developing battery-powered trains. The trains are ‘tri-mode’; able to switch seamlessly between diesel power, overhead electric power, or battery power alone. The technology will help to lower emissions without the need for expensive and time-consuming electrification.

Our power grids are helping to power the electric future by delivering clean, renewable energy from remote locations to where it is needed most.

These are just a few of the Hitachi solutions that will power our decarbonised future.