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Social Innovation


There are moments in life we don’t want to miss. That’s why Hitachi is co-creating solutions that help cities move toward what matters. With longstanding expertise in both operational and information technologies, we’re making complex systems more responsive, intuitive and efficient, allowing people to travel smoothly through cities. It’s one of the many ways we’re using our IoT platform to analyze data, predict what comes next and deliver Social Innovation for all.

Spanning the Care Pathway to Deliver Connected Health

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Technology is improving and data has become an essential facet in the industry, helping doctors make more accurate diagnoses and develop more effective treatments. Hitachi recognizes that healthcare is an essential part of social infrastructure to support human life in the 21st century.

Hitachi And Its Partners Co-create Innovative Technologies

With Our Social Innovation Business, Hitachi is dedicated to improving lives by making society safer, smarter and healthier. These success stories reflect the global commitment of Hitachi Social Innovation Business which is to improve the quality of life by identifying and addressing issues present in our everyday lives.

Harmonization of Cities, Cars,
and Drivers—The Future of Autonomous Driving

What comes to mind when you hear “autonomous driving”? Some of you may think of a car that drives safely on its own, while others may think of a car that stops automatically when detecting danger. Each of you probably have different impressions and understandings. There are broad ranging levels of autonomous driving, including driving assistance technology that has already been practically implemented, as well as fully autonomous driving that does not require a driver. We will introduce the current state and future of autonomous driving.

Driving Social Innovation into Energy

From its inception more than 100 years ago, Hitachi has developed innovative technologies and solutions that enhance lives and improve communities. Hitachi is leading this path to modernization with a number of digital solutions that enable an efficient transformation of the energy value chain.


Social Innovation starts with an idea: one simple thought that has the power to change the world. At Hitachi, we're bringing these possibilities to life with advanced information technologies and infrastructure solutions. But we're not doing it alone. Through unique co-creation platforms, we're bringing thinkers and doers together to accelerate Social Innovation—working smarter, faster and more creatively towards a better tomorrow.

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