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Social Innovation starts with an idea: one simple thought that has the power to change the world. At Hitachi, we're bringing these possibilities to life with advanced information technologies and infrastructure solutions. But we're not doing it alone. Through unique co-creation platforms, we're bringing thinkers and doers together to accelerate Social Innovation—working smarter, faster and more creatively towards a better tomorrow.

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Social Innovation comes together in any of a number of ways. Take a closer look inside the co-creation that went into the telling of our four stories.


Our world is becoming more interconnected than ever—opening us up to new opportunities and vulnerabilities. But what if we could stop mishaps from happening? Through advanced information technologies, we're co-creating stronger security solutions for the age of the Internet of Things that can predict and prevent threats. Hitachi's cutting-edge data protection systems are creating a safer future—both in our communities and in cyberspace. It's how we're keeping our real and digital infrastructure systems safe while continuing to move Social Innovation forward.

Feature Protecting Social Infrastructure from Creeping Threats Robust Security against Attack is not Achieved in a Day Interview with Takeshi Miyao, General Manager of the Security Business Division of Hitachi, Ltd. Read more

Today, we're surrounded by unimaginable amounts of data. More than we know what to do with. What if we could give all of this a greater purpose? At Hitachi, we're combining, analyzing and contextualizing all of the world's Big Data. Today, the modern world needs to understand data at a deeper level, so we developed a state-of-the-art-analytics platform for analysis on a grand scale. Combining artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, we're using big data to find deeper insights and to co-create innovative solutions in the age of the Internet of Things. It's part of our commitment to accelerate Social Innovation for a better future.


Life & Economy
Urban Development
  • Hitachi's Massive Pumps Support the World's Water Environment

    Water is essential to support human life. Yet many countries and regions are suffering from shortages of water. To resolve this...

  • Bringing New Life to the Remote Desert

    A conservation program sought to reintroduce the Arabian Oryx to its natural habitat. But the only water in this remote desert...

  • Utilizing Abundant Offshore Wind Resources Hitachi Wind Turbines

    To create a low-carbon society, it's essential to increase the use of renewable energy. In Japan, a new feed-in-tariff system...

  • Hitachi's Integrated Logistics Solution

    Maintaining a stable supply of high-quality electricity is becoming a greater challenge as larger amounts of renewable energy...

  • Hitachi's Integrated Logistics Solution

    Based on the experience of Hitachi Transport System, ESA Logistika created a unique dedicated and comprehensive...

  • Creating a Better Work Environment

    Hitachi Asia solves Singapore Epson Industrial's air compressor woes.

  • Improved Medical Diagnostics for Better Healthcare in Turkey

    Turkey is widely predicted to be one of the World's fastest growing economies over the next decade. It has an expanding population...

  • Searching for Safer and More Effective Cancer Treatment, Hitachi Proton Beam Therapy System

    Rapid advancement of medical technology in recent years has made it possible to treat patients suffering from...

  • Hitachi Strives to Create New Nearly Permanent Digital Archive Technology

    Digitizing public documents and photographic images has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, current data...

  • Human Symbiotic Robot Project

    As Japan expects labor shortages stemming from its aging society and declining birthrate, anticipation is growing for service robots.

  • Hitachi High-speed Trains Making History in the U.K., the Birthplace of Railways

    In recent years, there has been growing competition among multinational corporations looking to get into the railway business...

  • Providing Safe and Comfortable Commute Hitachi Monorail Projects

    Daegu, Korea is a big city with a population of 2.5 million. The city's population density has increased in recent years...

  • Hitachi's People Flow Analysis Project is Optimizing Space Management

    Our society has become more and more complex, and IT is playing an increasingly important role in the optimization of social...

  • Pioneers in World Class Elevators

    Building a sustainable society by developing superior products...