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Social Innovation

Life & Economy in India

India Inc. is on the path of technological evolution.Today, the government’s ‘e-governance’ and ‘Digital India’ initiatives have triggered a process of greater accountability, financial inclusion of citizens even in the remotest of the regions and bringing many essential services closer to the end user.

The widening network has necessitated development of innovative advanced IT and OT technology, which will simplify financial and other critical processes in a secured environment. The government is actively seeking innovative solutions and avenues of collaborative creation through technological evolution to enrich millions of lives every single day.

Life & Economy

This is what Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business has been relentlessly pursuing for over a century. Hitachi through its Social Innovation Business is delivering advanced technological solutions globally across a wide range of critical sectors, which impact daily life, including healthcare, public services, and financial services. The objective is to create new possibilities and strive for a future that's even more conducive to improving quality of life.

Hitachi’s Social Innovation business in India is fully geared to achieve the government’s vision. Drawing on Hitachi’s vast pool of technological advancements and advanced Information Technologies Hitachi Terminal Solutions India and Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, are actively participating in the Indian growth story by creating new values through collaborative creation and everyday make positive difference in the lives of people from all walks of life.