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Building a People-Centric City

Take a look at the smart, cutting-edge technologies that are helping cities worldwide to carve out their visions toward a sustainable future for everyone.

So, How Do We Make it Happen?

Read our articles to learn more about the technologies that is changing the face of our cities

City of Tequila gears up for a smart future with Hitachi

Culture, heritage, and a unique national drink. The Mexican town of Tequila has already captured the world’s attention.

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All Aboard…No Paper Tickes, Please!

Until recently, wallets and purses stuffed with cash and tickets have been part of everyday life. But digital technology is transforming the way we pay to travel.

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Delivering solutions for a new era of mobility in India

The rapid growth in India's urbanization, population and wealth over the last few decades have had a marked effect on the mobility of its citizens.

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Omni-Thrive:Societies as Organisms of Interdependence

What Biology Can Teach Us About Our Cities and Societies

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How Smart Cities Help You Live Better

From commerce to your commute, Hitachi Smart Cities technology is revolutionizing how you interact with the spaces around you.

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Dr. AI's Prescription for happiness and productivity

As we head into a new decade, Hitachi Fellow Dr Kazuo Yano gives us the lowdown on how AI will continue to transform society and help us lead happier lives

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