The People of Hitachi

A documentary series of inspiring stories about how Hitachi Group employees are powering good around the world to solve problems faced by today's society.

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"Accelerating DEI" is a key element of Hitachi’s Mid-term Management Plan. DEI stands for "Diversity," "Equity," and "Inclusion." This special feature "COLORS" celebrates the power of colorful diversity by introducing expert’s interviews and Hitachi’s initiatives, and inspires us to think about what is important for creating an inclusive work environment.

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In November 2021,the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. Proud to be the first Japanese company to become a principal partner for COP26, Hitachi supports the global decarbonization effort. This special feature covers expert interviews and Hitachi’s environmental activities, to inform readers of the importance of climate change measures.

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Future of Work

Many of us have experienced a radical change in the way we work, but that's only the beginning of the future of work. With cutting-edge digital technologies implemeted in workforces of various business fields, what will jobs look like in the digital era?

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Building a People-Centric City

Take a look at the smart, cutting-edge technologies that are helping cities worldwide to carve out their visions toward a sustainable future for everyone.

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