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India's power situation has considerably improved over the years. But, due to the rapid economic progress and population boom, the need for power is ever increasing.

A Nation’s dream “Power for All”

Acknowledging the pivotal role of electricity in sustainable development of the people and the country, the government under its 'Power for All' program is committed to bring electrical energy to every nook and corner of the country.

Meeting such huge demand through traditional fossil fuel based technology would create massive environmental and ecological disruption.

The answer lies in the abundant renewable resources of the country like the Sun.

Hence, with nearly 300 sunny days in the country, building solar power capability has been a priority for the government.

National Thermal Power Corporation

To realize this vision, India's leading power generation company, National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) has sanctioned Solar Photovoltaic projects across the country where solar panels would produce direct current or DC electricity.

Therein lies the problem

For solar power to reach millions of homes through the national grid, the DC electricity in the panels needs to convert to Alternate Current or AC.

And thus began the hunt for highly reliable and stateof-the-art Solar Invertors that have superior conversion technology.

The selection process was exhaustive and highly competitive.

Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics

But, the cutting-edge products of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics met the most demanding quality tests of NTPC. The products conformed to the essential criteria of availability, affordability, reliability and good quality of electricity supply that are fundamental pillars of successfully achieving the 'Power for All' program objectives.

Social Innovation in the making

Hitachi's Social Innovation Business has always been at the forefront of change through its advanced IT & OT applications. As a true partner to India's Solar vision Hitachi Solar Inverters manufactured at stateof-the-art Hitachi Hi-Rel facility at Sanand are bringing Social Innovation in the Indian power sector by providing the critical technological link to help solar power distribute through the national grid.

Hitachi Hi-Rel facility

By leveraging its global expertise, Hitachi is proud to collaborate with NTPC in developing this superior conversion technology to generate green electricity and bring a clean energy revolution in the country.

Release Date: March 2018
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