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Hitachi’s IoT Solutions for Manufacturing Excellence

Hitachi is leveraging its expertise in smart manufacturing solutions to digitize factories using IoT, machine learning and advanced data analytics to bring a whole new level of operational efficiency and resilience to the manufacturing industry.

Discover Hitachi's range of IoT technology solutions that enable digital transformation in line with Industry 4.0 directives and promote sustainability in manufacturing.

Click on the infographic below to see how Hitachi's IoT-enabled technology solutions are driving factory automation.

Start Your Journey to Smart Manufacturing.

Hitachi Optimized Factory.

Improves operational efficiency in digital factories by deploying a smart factory IoT technology platform that is cost-effective, scalable, and enables data-driven decision making to deliver valuable manufacturing insights for leaner operations and continuous process improvements.
Explore Hitachi Optimized Factory solutions

Hitachi Predictive Maintenance

Hitachi IoT solutions aim to improve maintenance efficiency, asset availability, safety standards and lifetime value by implementing fully integrated asset monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions in manufacturing.
Explore how Hitachi is helping optimize costs and asset utilization with Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing Industry

Hitachi Water Solutions

Hitachi’s smart water management solutions help manage compliance, cut operating costs, and establish a balance between water availability and consumption to ensure efficient water management.
Explore Hitachi’s Sustainable Water Solutions

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