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Social Innovation


Water is an essential natural resource upon which all life depends. While 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, only a small fraction—some 0.01%—represents readily potable water.

To date, Hitachi has delivered some 550 water treatment plants, 2,800 sewage treatment facilities, and 900 monitoring and control systems to locations across Japan. Building on this track record, we continue to deliver water systems that strengthen water infrastructures around the world.

Finding Solutions to the World's Water Problems

At Hitachi, we believe social innovation holds the key to meeting the world's diverse water needs. Since each region has unique water issues, each requires an innovative and individual solution. We draw on our extensive experience and advanced information technologies to help establish optimal water infrastructures. In addition to contributing to safe, reliable water supplies, we use real-time data to efficiently manage overall water use and treatment cycles.

Creating more from less

Water Treatment and Recycling Plant
Treatment and reuse of water

While water is an abundant resource, only about 1% of water on Earth is present in the usable form. As part of its Social Innovation Business, Hitachi strives to make the most of this precious resource by treatment and reuse to meet various industrial and residential needs. Our high-technology equipment such as Membrane Bio Reactor System and Reverse Osmosis System facilitate wastewater recycling, seawater desalination and brackish water purification. The combination of systems enhances the water quality and allows its application in hotel washroom flush systems, construction sites, factories and more.

Making a difference at every step

Hitachi offers a variety of water pumps that find application across industries and functions ? from pumps for transporting drinking water, to high-pressure water supply pumps for nuclear power stations. These include multistage horizontal pumps, split casing horizontal pumps and vertical pumps that cater to multiple needs.

Additionally, Hitachi has rich technological expertise to facilitate the reduction in construction cost and the extension of pumps’ service life after installation. Thereby, Hitachi is involved in every aspect of the water cycle.