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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Living in a World of Future Connectivity

Witnessing Technological Renaissance

When Canadian social scientists Anabel Quan-Haase and Barry Wellman invented the term “hyperconnectivity”, they were probably unaware of the impact it may create in today’s world.

Hyperconnectivity, where everyone and every “thing” is connected and communicating with each other, is essential to digital transformation and will ultimately change the way we live. Hitachi, with its social innovation business model, is in a unique position to bring more connectivity through its advanced technologies to boost people’s lives, particularly in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The Vision of ASEAN
Connectivity 2025

“To achieve a seamlessly and comprehensively
connected and integrated ASEAN that will promote
competitiveness, inclusiveness, and a greater sense
of community.”

Hitachi is Braving New
Frontiers in
Connectivity with
Technology Incubation

Global technology leader Hitachi is on a mission to deliver innovation to tackle social issues through the development of superior products and services by combining advanced OT X IT expertise and enhanced digital technologies like Lumada to accelerate ‘collaborative creation.’ Hitachi’s collaboration with GlobalLogic helped to enhance customer experience with the help of new digital technologies.

In its endeavor to contribute to Singapore’s Green Plan 2030 and build a decarbonised society with better connectivity, Hitachi leveraged cutting-edge technologies and was commissioned by BCA (Building and Construction Authority) to build the Super Low Energy Building platform for green buildings and a national database that collates and analyses green technologies.

With its technological prowess, Hitachi is helping to build smart cities as it has access to myriad aspects of smart city technologies including electric vehicle charging infrastructure, renewable energy, energy storage, and security.

Connecting the Dots – Realising the Connectivity Dream in Core Sectors

ASEAN, home to more than 620 million people, is a land of great opportunities for establishing robust connectivity. The ASEAN companies are leveraging technology to optimize everything and embrace a digital future, where connectivity is the norm. We look at the sectors where hyper-connectivity may take a center in the future.


Hyper-connectivity is set to change the future of mobility with an intelligent network of systems. For autonomous vehicles, advanced safety... equipment, smart vehicle interface, and real-time vehicle diagnosis are indispensable in future. AI-based sensors in electric vehicles are likely to cater to Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) infrastructure to boost on-road safety.


Data can flow seamlessly throughout entire medical systems to smoothen operations and impart... connected care for a healthier living. Digital healthcare solutions leverage AI-powered decision support tools can make faster diagnoses.


Retailers can use sensors and trackers for intelligent self-checkout, to manage inventory..., improve warehouse operations, and coordinate the supply chain. Connectivity can support frictionless in-store experiences and hands-free shopping.


Smart manufacturing is a marriage of production and operations with digital technology, machine... learning, and big data to create a connected ecosystem of sorts and digitally transform the shop floor experience. Factories powered by analytics and artificial intelligence can run efficiently, thereby optimizing and adjusting processes in real-time.

Welcoming The 5G Era

5G networks are progressing rapidly in Southeast Asian countries. The increasing internet penetration and digital economy have left the tech-savvy consumers awaiting the 5G revolution, which is indispensable for the future rollout of the Internet of Things, wireless devices, contactless services, connected networks, remote healthcare, smart cities, and transportation.

5G - Evolution and Capability – More Than Just ‘G’

  • 1G era Briefcase-sized phones and brief conversations between people

  • 2G era Demand for mobile services which never slowed down

  • 3G era Phones that could fit in pocket and mobile internet

  • 4G era Smartphones, app stores and YouTube

  • 5G era Reimagining our professional and personal lives with AI/AR, connected devices, and gaming

Sustainable Role of 5G in

Advancing Societies

Advancing Societies

  • Smart grids for reduced carbon emissions
  • Connected vehicles sharing data to prevent catastrophes
  • Connected sensors for early detection of natural disasters
  • Surveillance and delivery drones
Elevating Customer Experiences

Elevating Customer Experiences

  • Engaging and interactive education
  • Virtual meetings to improve remote team productivity
  • Secured connectivity in public spaces
Transforming Industries

Transforming Industries

  • Logistic networks to gauge real-world conditions
  • Trace warehouses and ports for an enhanced digital shop floor experience
  • Remote access to powerful vehicles and robots for improved safety
  • IoT in agriculture to efficiently grow crops and help farmers

Creating a Path to a
Promising Future

Pioneering technology leaders like Hitachi nurture the spirit of innovation and co-creation as part of curating creative solutions to the world’s biggest problems and enhancing resilience, security, and sustainability. This level of innovation conceives new connectivity models, and transformational technology to forever change peoples’ lives for generations to come.

Date of Release: August 2022