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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Ushering Green & Digital Hospitals: Enabling Energy Saving through ICT

Aging infrastructure, high energy-consuming equipment and 24/7 operations make hospitals one of the most energy consuming public buildings. With a mission to save energy and transform the healthcare sector, the Government of India sought to introduce Green & Digital hospitals, starting from its premier hospital All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, where a growing base of patients and power requirements were resulting in high energy consumption and carbon emissions. Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. Infrastructure Systems Division joined hands with AIIMS hospital and utilized its proficiency in Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) to implement a host of energy saving measures, resulting in 30% energy savings and successfully achieving an ICT-based Green & Digital Hospital at AIIMS.

Implementing ICT & Other Energy Saving Measures

Ushering social innovation in the healthcare sector, Hitachi’s Infrastructure Systems Division leveraged its OT X IT expertise to implement ICT and other energy saving measures that could optimize up to 30% reduction in energy consumption. The team modernized AIIMS’ power infrastructure to make the hospital both environment-friendly and patient-friendly at the same time.

  1. Installed a new rooftop Solar Power system of 693 kilowatts peak (KWp) to bring clean solar energy to AIIMS.
  2. Installed a new Hybrid Power Factor Correction (HPFC) system to ensure less harmonics and balanced load in the electrical system, thereby drastically improving availability and reliability of Medical Equipment like MRI and X-Ray machines.
  3. Upgraded the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system at the hospital with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient equipment.
  4. Replaced 33,000 conventional lights with LED lights for better lux level and savings in energy.
  5. Deployed an ICT-enabled Energy Management System (EMS) to integrate different systems and enable real-time energy optimization.

The initiatives ensured AIIMS successful transition into a Green & Digital Hospital, facilitating better management of energy resources, improved indoor air quality, free solar energy, and improved diagnostic capabilities to deliver better patient treatment throughout the year.

ICT & Energy Saving Solutions for Green & Digital Hospital at AIIMS

Powering Good for a Healthier Society

The Green & Digital Hospital project at AIIMS has set a benchmark for other hospitals and public buildings to adopt sustainable energy practices for building a clean environment & healthy society that improves every citizen's Quality of Life. By significantly reducing the hospital's carbon footprint through energy conservation & renewable power generation, Hitachi has enhanced the Social, Environmental and Economic values and significantly contributed to realizing Government of India's policies on Green Hospital, Digital India and e-Healthcare to power good a Sustainable Society.

  • Release Date: March 2021
  • Solutions By: Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Infrastructure Systems Division