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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Technology, from simple tools to modern marvels, has been the instrument of our transformation. With the right technologies, countries have been able to resolve social innovation challenges standing in the way of their society’s growth.

One prime example is Vietnam. By embracing technology, Vietnam seeks to further cement its place as one of the most dynamic countries in Southeast Asia.

IoT upgrades for the manufacturing sector


Like other countries, Vietnam started with labour-intensive manufacturing before moving on to technology-intensive sectors.

Towards a cashless society


Besides manufacturing, the government is also disrupting the finance sector by drastically reducing cash transactions and improving electronic payment methods.

Easing congestion in Ho Chi Minh City


As of June 2017, a total of 37 congestion hotspots were recorded in Ho Chi Minh City, while 131 roadworks were taking place simultaneously.

Applying technology to resolve society’s challenges is central to Hitachi. Social innovation is not a role just for policymakers, but a role we hope to share, as we co-create a better world together.

At Hitachi, our expertise in IT and Operational Technology helps to advance social innovation and raise the quality of life in the communities we serve.

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With Hitachi, the future is open to suggestions.