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Social Innovation

Electricity is an intrinsic part of people's life and businesses, and critical to sustainable development of a country's economy. Expanding industrial, commercial operations and urban spaces are exponentially adding to the rising dependency. These phenomena have established the operational efficiency in power sector as one of the key drivers of the economy and the nation.

Hitachi with IT x OT expertise has always been committed to helping societies, businesses and countries conserve resources, optimize productivity, consumption and profitability through superior original technologies and innovative solutions,

Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited (Tata Power- DDL), a joint venture between Tata Power, a highly recognized company in power sector and The Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi has been engaged in serving more than 7 million customers who rely on it to power their homes, businesses and industrial operations in the north and northwest parts of New Delhi.1 But, since the beginning due to lack of system reliability, Tata Power- DDL faced the seemingly insurmountable power loss that averaged at 53%!1

Committed to ensure reliable supply and provide best in class service to its consumers by adopting, latest technological solutions and minimize fraud & loss prevention through superior power distribution solutions, revenue management, forecasting and load management, Tata Power-DDL engaged Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi group company as a strategic partner.

Hitachi realized that in the absence of data analytics, Tata Power-DDL was underperforming and struggling to prevent revenue leakage, improve operational efficiency and reliability indices.

True to the group's spirit, Hitachi's solution approach was multifold-to meet the future needs and resolve the current challenges faced by Tata Power- DDL through advanced big data analytics for creating an efficient business processes for customers, risk management, operations and data.

  • Reduced Tariff
  • 24x7 Availability of Power
    24x7 Availability
    of Power
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
    Reduced Carbon
  • Improved Billing Accuracy
    Billing Accuracy
Power Distribution Industry

Being the first Business Intelligence solution for power distribution in India, Hitachi had to strike a balance and infuse confidence in the various stakeholders and ensure that the project's long-term strategic importance was realized in full.

To provide best in class service, Hitachi worked with the domain experts from Power distribution industry which would provide independent view on the implementation and provide their insights through consultative approach. During this engagement, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic exhibited sincerity by focusing extensively towards the technical and operational arena providing detailed visibility about setting IT integration objectives, fine tuning plans, speeding execution, and optimizing outcome at every stage.

The analytics solution provided by Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic helped Tata Power - DDL enter a new phase to access, analyze, and manage vast volumes of data while rapidly evolving the information.

This resulted in improved customer service by gaining better visibility into individual customer usage patterns and use big data analytics to predict rise in demand.

The Result- The days after implementation Tata Power-DDL could successfully contribute to Delhi's all-time peak demand electricity consumption.

By creating an advanced and reliable system architecture for big data analytics using IT X OT, Hitachi provided Tata Power-DDL with an operational advantage by focusing on:

  • IT Integration Objectives

    It Integration Objectives
  • Solution Modifications

    Solution Modifications
  • Speedy Execution by Using Efficient Operation Technology

    Speedy Execution By Using Efficient Operation Technology
  • Result Optimization

    Result Optimization

The collaboration between Hitachi & Tata Power-DDL is an eminent example of Social Innovation in power distribution industry in India. Thus, contribution to 'Power for All' vision of the government through reduced electricity tariff & uninterrupted power for million more dreams towards a sustainable society.

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