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Social Innovation

Digital Transformation of Indian Aviation Industry

Indian aviation industry is the fastest growing domestic aviation market in the world. It is estimated that by 2020 passenger traffic at Indian airports will reach 421 million and the 588 planes as of 2018 will expand to 1,100 by 2027.1

Realizing the immense potential, the government of India introduced UDAN (Udey Desh Ka Aam Nagrik) scheme in 2017 with an aim to make India the 3rd largest aviation market by 2025.2

The rising traffic and a larger network base demanded IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology) infrastructure for the operators with high-quality mobile technology for an increasingly modern workforce and maximum facility.

As a rapidly growing airline, Vistara is focused on delivering safe and affordable air travel along with different services including cargo, charter booking, customer booking information etc. The biggest challenges faced by the airline were high operational costs and finding an innovative solution to the in-flight information papers carried by pilots weighing 18 kilos that include critical information like Surface Weathers, Flight Plans, Icing, Route Briefings, Flight Logs etc. This process increased the chances of human error attributing to dependency on manual calculations and no real-time information.

Due to its deep security solution expertise, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi group company, was chosen by Vistara to provide solution, which could enable critical electronic information such as aeronautical charts, airport and route data on the mobile devices which would help improve travel safety and efficiency.

To co-create effective solution, aviation specialists from Hitachi conducted a study of the current workflow that would help identify the technology advancement strategy and ensure Vistara and the end-customers experience seamless service.

Aiming to contribute towards providing solutions to bring higher efficiency in operations and help make the customer future ready, Hitachi recommended Vistara to adapt to Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Technology in a secured and efficient way. By collaborating with technology partners, the digital transition was aimed to help the crew perform flight management tasks with more accuracy and speed.

Now, by engaging EFB, the pilots can quickly access vital operational data in cockpit that is helping improve on-board safety and flying efficiency besides reduction in CO2 emission due to reduction in document weight.

For overall operational efficiency aimed at optimizing resources and minimizing cost, Hitachi came up with a well-rounded strategy, which included 360-degree security to the endpoints on multi device environment such as laptops, workstations, tablets and mobile devices.

As a result, today, Vistara uses enterprise mobility solution to automate and secure their in-Flight Operations in Harmony with Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic through security and mobile device management (MDM) solution providing-

  • End Point Security Solution
    End Point Security solution
  • Data Leakage Prevention Solution
    Data leakage Prevention solution
  • Security Solution
    Web-and Server security solution
  • Fire Walls
    Next Generation Fire walls
  • APT Solution
    APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) solution
  • Cloud Access Security Broker Solution
    Cloud Access Security Broker Solution
  • Cloud Based Endpoint Backup Solution
    Cloud based Endpoint backup solution
  • Device Identification With Unique Id
    Device identification with a unique ID and Remote data wipe-out in case of unauthorized access
Mobile Device Management and Security Solutions Mobile Device Management and Security Solutions

The mobile devise management and security solution is helping Vistara employees increase efficiency through real-time access to company database and an enhanced surety that all personal data from their mobile devices, such as GPS location, photos, contacts or text messages will remain private. Thus, minimizing any severe financial loss because of any potential leak of sensitive information of the customers.

With such comprehensive and integrated make-over, the partnership has innovative solutions in aviation sector by demonstrating in-depth role of technology in achieving a quantum leap in scalability, efficiencies, agility in airline operations and cost savings, making air travel more affordable for public and herald Social Innovation in the way millions of Indians travel.

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