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E-learn India E-learning Solutions in India

For a young country like India, where nearly 50% its population is under 25,1 education holds the key to the country’s future. The policy makers too have undertaken innumerable initiatives to make quality education accessible to distant parts of the country. Today, with technology playing a pivotal role in enriching a citizen’s lifecycle in myriad ways, leveraging all-pervasive digital technology emerges as a course natal to the cause.

Responding to the growing demand and a demography that has a natural proclivity towards Internet and mobile technology, EdTech is gaining significance as an influencer that will shape the future of India’s education sector and help transform thelargest k-12 education system in the world.

Disrupting the traditional learning methodology, e-learning solutions and innovative learning products that are generating better learning experience are instrumental to higher acceptance of alternative modes of learning in India.

Therefore, the projected exponential rise of e-learning industry in India from USD247 million in 2016 to USD1.96 billion in 2021seems an impending reality.2

As an outcome of the government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, the growing penetration of Internet and constant technological advancements within the digital learning system are helping augment access to knowledge and quality education whilemake learning easier and experiential. The diverse and immersive approach of e-learning in education has a unique ability of personalization- at- scalethat makes a world of a difference to the recipient who shells out a much lesser cost than the traditional system for a content that is more engaging and contemporary. And above all, the digital transformation of education acts as an equalizer when a small school in a remote place in the country has access to the same content that is taught in a big urban educational establishment stimulating equal opportunity and inclusivity.

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Hitachi has been at the forefront of Social Innovationfor over a century andunderstands the power of data to build a robust e-learning industry in India. By engaging its deep andhighly regarded Data Analytics and AI prowess Hitachi and Hitachi MGRM Net have been efficiently helping leading government and private institutions to devise data-based Learning systems that would assist in creating highly customized, need-based educational material that appeals to the learner and could fill the critical gap of pedagogy.3

As India enters the IoT era, digital transformation of education will go a long way in bolstering the future-preparedness of the nation. As true partners in India’s growth , Hitachi and Hitachi MGRM Net are constantly innovating and delivering innovative elearning solutions for customers and society to thrive on the robust foundation of knowledge and education that builds an individual, a society and a nation strong.

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