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Future of Work:
The Impact of Digital Transformation on How We Work

In the past month, many of us have probably experienced a radical change in the way we work, but that's only the beginning of the future of work. With cutting-edge digital technologies implemeted in workforces of various business fields, what will jobs look like in the digital era?

Future of Work

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How Hitachi's Durable Medium is Supporting a Paperless Future

The worlds of finance and environmental sustainability are seldom seen to be connected. The environment is indeed a topic of worry for many people, and is cited as the third greatest concern in our world today.

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AI Captain: The future of Ship Navigation

Stena Line is one of Europe's leading ferry companies with 38 vessels and 21 routes in Northern Europe, as of March 2019. It aims to become the world’s first cognitive ferry company.

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People Still Power Manufacturing

Manufacturing in the U.S. is in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in which the real and digital worlds are being blended in unprecedented ways to drive innovation success.

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Artificial Intelligence & Happiness

In business, happiness matters. Unhappy workers don’t stay long at their jobs, they take more time off while they’re there, they provide poor customer service and they tend to be less productive.

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