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Starting in 1994 as a repackaging company, Rocky Mountain Spice Company has deep roots in the kosher food industry of Colorado. Over the years, Rocky Mountain Spice has received numerous Certificates of Achievement for Food Safety & Sanitation Excellence. They currently offer Gluten-Free, All-Natural, USDA Organic and Kosher Certified Products, to name a few. Rocky Mountain Spice is a Denver Green Certified Business and operates in a 40,000sf facility that blends, manufactures, and packages for private labels and distributors.


  • Rocky Mountain Spice Company needed a flexible printer they could rely on to mark and code the various spices packaged at their facility in Denver, Colorado. After demo-ing the Hitachi RX2 Series Continuous Inkjet Printers for two weeks, it was clear that the printers would be reliable, efficient, and easy-to-use. The result was an increase in uptime and reduction in maintenance costs, with plans to purchase another Hitachi printer as they continue to grow their operation.


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Due to the variety and volume of products that are packaged at Rocky Mountain Spice, the efficiency of their daily operations is closely monitored. One area that caused a lot of downtime was their marking and coding equipment. The interface was difficult to use when switching over a product line and repairs were often needed following continuous usage of the equipment. Paul Courtright, the maintenance manager, had worked with many inkjet manufacturers over the years, and was determined to find a better solution.

We quickly became Hitachi users, we’re committed to them...I don’t think we’d ever consider using another printer.

David Tenenbaum
President, Rocky Mountain Spice Co.


After continued trouble with their inkjet printers, Paul reached out to their local Hitachi distributor, Colorado Scale Center, who he had worked with previously using other equipment. The Hitachi RX2 Series Continuous Inkjet Printers were highly recommended and a demo unit was made available. Rocky Mountain Spice quickly realized how easy the Hitachi was to operate, even on the production floor. During the two weeks of testing, the Hitachi RX2 required zero cleaning or maintenance, a far cry from their previous printers.

Much more simple than any of the other printers I’ve worked with before.

Paul Courtright
Maintenance Manager, Rocky Mountain Spice Co.


The Hitachi RX2 Continuous Inkjet Printers helped to decrease downtime in a number of ways. Setting up each line before production is quick and easy with the intuitive user interface of the RX2 printers. Repairs and maintenance costs have virtually been eliminated due to the printer’s durability and reliability. Since switching over to the Hitachi Printers, Rocky Mountain Spice has been able to focus on other interests -- delivering fresh, quality spices.

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