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Hitachi’s Technology for Autonomous Parking: Park Tighter and Easier

People who drive to campuses, venues, or other locations with large parking lots waste an average of 20 minutes every day looking for a parking spot. This wastes time and money and reduces satisfaction. Commuters, travelers, and those attending events also face similar time constraints.

In the pursuit of efficient parking solutions and smarter urban development, Smart Parking has been at the forefront of applying smart spaces technologies in parking management.

From avoiding traffic jams and suggesting the best routes to manage curbside and parking lot space availability more efficiently and effectively, Hitachi’s smart spaces solutions powered by advanced digital technologies are poised to transform the way we commute and park in crowded urban cities.

Hitachi's Smart Parking Technology provides an intelligent and seamless approach to the perennial issue of parking availability. The technology, including Hitachi Smart Spaces and Lumada Video Insights, uses video analytics and smart cameras to deliver near-real-time information on parking space availability. By reducing unnecessary traffic circulation caused by drivers searching for parking, the technology also contributes to lower carbon emissions and improved air quality.