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IoT for Industrial Printing Hitachi Industrial Printers

How Industrial Printers Use IoT to Reduce Costs and Maximize Uptime

By Garan Myers, Product Manager, Global Business Strategy Group, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems

If you’re in manufacturing, you know what “a spanner in the works” means. It’s when a line grinds to a halt due to an unforeseen incident or a “spanner” (British English for “monkey wrench”), and you start losing money until the systems get back online. Today’s production facilities are under constant pressure to minimize spanners and increase production outputs – and that’s where the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is making a difference.

Industrial IoT technology is accelerating operations across manufacturing, making processes and devices smarter and improving the life of factory equipment. Analysts predict that IoT applications for manufacturing could create $3.7 trillion in value by 2025, increase productivity by 25% and reduce downtime by up to 50%.1 One area that's achieving new levels of efficiency, cost savings and sustainability in manufacturing is industrial IoT printers.

IoT-enabled Industrial Printers (IIoT) reduce costs and environmental impact
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