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Hitachi Total Building Optimization Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability Hitachi Total Building Optimization Solutions for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Delivering New Efficiencies and Cost Savings

Hitachi enables total building optimization with Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency solution. The foundation of the solution is the Hitachi Smart Energy Platform powered by Lumada, a cloud-based, IOT platform that incorporates data from edge equipment and leverages intelligent controls with built-in optimization algorithms to drive down operational costs and increase value to customers. We begin by monitoring an organization's energy consumption ecosystem. The information is then shared with company leadership and facility managers to help them understand the components contributing to their energy spend and target how and where to reduce energy use and costs

Hitachi combines cutting-edge technology, mechanical engineering and industry experience to deliver IoT-enabled solutions that are best suited for each building’s environment. Hitachi experts apply sensors and advanced controls and leverage built-in algorithms and automated processes to collect data that can be used to optimize lighting, water, HVAC, energy storage systems and other on-site equipment. Once the data is gathered from an organization’s buildings and equipment, it’s incorporated into our IoT platform to optimize energy use and drive down operational costs across all facilities.

When a facility’s energy use is optimized, the building systems are then fine-tuned for resource efficiency, environmental health and safety, improved human mobility, security, occupant experience and productivity. Hitachi uses algorithmic controls within the IoT platform for smart buildings to optimize each building – from energy use to predictive maintenance to security alerts. This increases efficiency, lowers costs and improves the occupant experience. Here are three ways Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency helps multi-facility organizations become more energy efficient:

Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency Solution for Intelligent Buildings
Streamline energy management and systems integration

Streamline energy management and systems integration

With a combination of sensors and controls installed on facility equipment and systems, organizations use the TBO platform to gain visibility into the health of their facilities, including energy use, occupancy, security, and more. Once data from sensors is collected, reports are created to identify specific issues and opportunities for additional savings. For example, companies can use this information to better manage lighting, HVAC, network assets, energy backup and storage. They can also utilize onsite energy generation using solar, wind or gas-powered generators as well as apply advanced algorithms to optimize energy use across these components.

Energy Optimization for efficient use of resources

Energy Optimization for efficient use of resources

Most of the facilities built in the past century were not designed with energy conservation or sustainability in mind. As a result, companies that own these buildings and factories must contend with inefficient energy footprints and increasing energy requirements. But with Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency, these same organizations can leverage innovative technologies at these aging buildings and factories to drive more efficient use of energy. Along with significant energy savings, this solution enables predictive maintenance to prevent unplanned downtime, get more life from existing equipment and even reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Increase flexibility and improve operational efficiencies for a smarter building

Increase flexibility and improve operational efficiencies for a smarter building

Hitachi Energy and Environmental Efficiency solution delivers increased visibility into facility operations that provide insights into how occupants are using the various building spaces. For example, the solution shows how current workspace configurations are supporting energy savings – and whether lighting, heating and cooling are being used efficiently or are even required. As part of the solution, organizations can direct building occupants to preferred work zones, take advantage of scheduling to drive energy savings and even support emergency management through automated alerts.

Achieve Greater Efficiency and Contribute to a More Sustainable Future

The pressure to optimize energy use in buildings and factories is growing – both to improve the bottom line and deliver a sustainability-friendly message that customers and shareholders warm to. On top of this, with regulations and market demands expected to drive energy prices higher, these concerns are top-of-mind for many executives. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects energy prices will rise 17% by 20402, which places companies with inefficient facilities at a huge disadvantage. On the other hand, organizations that optimize their facilities to create a more sustainable environment will lower operational costs and win customers in the process.

Examples like this highlight the collaboration between Hitachi, our customers and partners to co-create energy solutions that are benefiting U.S. society. Through smart energy management systems, Hitachi can help any multi-facility organization achieve greater efficiency and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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