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Social Innovation

Social Innovation in Digital

Pioneering sustainable digital solutions for a better world

Digital transformation is not just about technology. It is a continuous process that encourages innovation, efficiency, and improved customer experiences, driven by a commitment to constant improvement and adaptability. Hitachi's pioneering digital solutions are catalyzing profound global transformation. We are transforming businesses, government organizations, and society by skillfully utilizing digital transformation technologies like IoT, AI, advanced analytics, and cloud technologies. Sustainability and quality of life are integral to Hitachi's mission. With a profound sense of responsibility for the planet, Hitachi Digital Innovation is committed to creating a greener, more connected world.

How a MedTech and Engineering Services Partnership Is Saving Lives with a Breakthrough Cardiac Recovery System

The collaboration between GlobalLogic and Kestra showcases a remarkable partnership in the development of a cutting-edge digital cardiac monitoring system. By joining forces an innovative solution was developed to save lives and revolutionize patient care. This collaborative effort stands as a testament to the power of teamwork in advancing healthcare technology.

How Penske and Hitachi Solve Problems Before They Arise

Real-time responsiveness is now the gold standard for addressing customer challenges like operational disruptions and downtime. Hitachi's Guided Repair model, developed in collaboration with Penske, empowers technicians to swiftly restore vehicles to full operation, benefiting one of North America's largest and most diverse fleets.