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Social Innovation

Life & Economy In The U.S.

Hitachi drives social innovation in the U.S. by working with healthcare, public services and insurance provider stakeholders to develop products and services that address today's complex challenges.

Making the Case for Connected Healthcare with Hitachi Solutions

$340 billion potential saving annually from inefficient healthcare services1

Making the Case for Connected Healthcare with Hitachi Solutions
Hitachi Spans Connected Health

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Helping Healthcare Organizations in the U.S. Meet Pressing Challenges

About half of all adults in America have one or more chronic health conditions such as cancer or obesity. And an astounding one in four adults has two or more chronic health conditions.8 In addition to these serious health issues, the rapid spread of infectious diseases such as Zika, an aging population and healthcare reform are creating an enormous strain on the entire medical system.

To make America a healthier society, it’s imperative to integrate the data and informatics inundating healthcare organizations to create connected health environments. Currently, this data is generated from medical devices such as MRI, CT, ultrasound, health record applications, chemical assays, blood work, DNA sequencers and more. The use of IoT-enabled devices in healthcare has also contributed to the increase in data. However, the data is often siloed within departments forcing physicians to manually stitch together reports like puzzle pieces to get the critical information they need. This inefficient approach can be resolved with a connected health organization and the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Helping Healthcare Organizations in the U.S. Meet Pressing Challenges

Spanning the Care Pathway to Deliver Connected Health

Hitachi is uniquely positioned to connect systems and track patients from diagnosis through treatment of disease. The Hitachi healthcare portfolio spans the entire care pathway from blood analysis, diagnostic imaging, cellular analysis, data analytics, sensors, monitors, to therapy and treatment. And Hitachi clinical analytics solutions integrate disparate data from multiple systems to gain rapid insights. Hitachi’s expertise with IoT devices also plays an important role in how healthcare providers treat patients. By integrating data streams and adding analysis, solutions like Pentaho Patient 360 enables physicians to have the big picture view of a patient’s record at their fingertips.

Removing the barriers to data access is only the first step. Hitachi is driving the vision of population health management that builds on the solid foundation of the connected hospital – and adds dense layers of demographic and clinical informatics which can be used to create patient segments and increase individualized care. AI tools can also contribute to helping physicians make more informed decisions. To meet this vision, Hitachi and its partners are using connected healthcare to intelligently mine and analyze data to solve the complex problems providers are faced with today – and improve care for all.

Spanning the Care Pathway to Deliver Connected Health

Co-creating the Future and Driving Social Innovation into Healthcare

The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving. Technology is improving and data has become an essential facet in the industry, helping doctors make more accurate diagnoses and develop more effective treatments. Hitachi recognizes that healthcare is an essential part of social infrastructure to support human life in the 21st century. Hitachi and its partners are collaborating to co-create solutions that are benefiting society in the U.S. – while driving social innovation into healthcare.

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