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Hitachi is proud to be a part of the charge forward to a net zero future. We joined Climate Week NYC 2022 as The Hub Live Sponsor to have an open dialogue with climate action leaders, businesses and governments on how together we can get it done.

It is evident that no single business or organization can tackle climate change on its own. Collaboration and co-creation are key to making significant climate impact.

Key takeaways from the event

  1. Government and business leaders need to stay committed and accountable to their net zero goals. Business leaders should stop thinking of sustainability as a cost but rather as a value driver.
  2. Be open to collaborating and innovating with others in the ecosystem to develop and commercialize new products and services to help reduce carbon emissions.
  3. We have the technology and know-how needed to get the job done, today — not years or decades down the road. We simply need to accelerate the process and eliminate impending roadblocks.
  4. Priorities should focus on how the new green economy is one of opportunity, of growth and of change – and it will take strong collaboration across sectors, industries, governments and business to achieve our environmental and sustainability goals.
  5. The green economy needs a digital economy to be successful. The digital layer, consisting of AI, machine learning, analytics, data, sensors and more, will be essential to creating cross-platform, integrated and holistic systems and solutions that will provide us with real-time, actionable insights, as well as transparency and visibility across value chains needed to make better and more sustainable decisions.

Relive Climate Week NYC 2022 With Hitachi

Did you miss Hitachi’s sessions at Climate Week NYC? Catch Hitachi’s presence on demand below.

Hitachi Is Getting It Done

More ambition. More innovation. More impact. Discover how Hitachi is getting it done by driving climate action through its sustainable technologies and solutions.

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