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Social Innovation

The Hitachi Digital Summit 2023, now in its second year, successfully convened business leaders, digital experts, industry luminaries, partners, and top clients for an exclusive event aimed at accelerating Hitachi's digital aspirations. With the overarching theme of "Digital for all," the summit underscored Hitachi's commitment to extending the power and benefits of digital innovation to society.

Attendees had the opportunity to engage in learning, networking, and idea exchange, focusing on the most impactful trends and technologies in digital innovation. The event's content spanned various dimensions, including Segment Transformation, New & Disruptive Technologies, and Customer & Partner Engagement.

More ambition. More innovation. More impact

Explore how Hitachi pioneers the future by spearheading digitalization, embracing Gen AI, and advancing cutting-edge technologies. Join us on the forefront of a technological revolution, where ambition meets innovation to make a lasting impact on the world.

Key Takeaways From the Event

  1. High-quality data, proper governance, and leveraging private datasets are essential to accurate and effective AI outcomes.
  2. Actively leveraging generative AI (GenAI) technologies enhances business practices and IT strategies, ensuring operational stability in advanced digital factories.
  3. Digital R&D is key to understanding the right abstraction level for problem-solving and collaborating with universities, startups, and customers to harness the full potential of AI in enterprise and industrial applications.
  4. Partnerships are key: collaborating with others on telematics programs, real-time data utilization, predictive maintenance, and A.I. modeling to drive research and perfect modeling for future applications.
  5. Talent training is crucial for adapting to AI-driven changes, addressing both AI implementation in technical operations and workforce/regulatory challenges associated with AI integration.
  6. Efficient data processing is essential and can help reduce energy consumption, waste, and emissions, contributing positively to environmental sustainability.
  7. Transitioning from traditional, experience-based maintenance decision-making to a more data-driven approach is both essential and achievable today.
  8. Asset Performance Maintenance (APM) solutions, especially designed for asset-intensive industries, facilitate better-informed investment decisions, covering short-term maintenance to long-term capital investments, all while driving sustainability in the real world.

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