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Hitachi continues leading the buzz around the energy transition!

At VERGE 23, Hitachi representatives emphasized the crucial link between reliability and the sustainability of our future, especially within the context of the energy transition. Throughout a week of dynamic discussions, attendees explored the transformative impact of digital innovation on sustainable technology.

Key topics such as grid modernization, the integration of non-utility organizations into the energy ecosystem, and the significance of digital solutions like Asset Performance Management (APM) were discussed, offering valuable insights for a greener future. Businesses can start balancing investments in the energy transition today while maintaining focus on ensuring the continued value of existing critical assets.

Discover how Hitachi is leveraging digital and green technologies to create a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient world by diving deeper into these pivotal discussions here.

Enhanced Ambition. Electrified Innovation. Exponential Impact.

Experience how Hitachi is revolutionizing the energy industry by leveraging digital technologies to prioritize resiliency in its products. Witness as our experts showcase their real-world examples of advancements towards a sustainable future, driven by ambition and pioneering technology.

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