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Social Innovation

Start of Industry-Academy Joint Research on Cybersecurity to Realize a Super Smart Society

Addressing an increasingly sophisticated and complex array of security needs will be essential to building a Super Smart Society* based on cybersecurity, the Internet of Things (IoT), and other technologies. To respond to these needs and to counter increasingly sophisticated and large-scale cyber attacks, Keio University and Hitachi have joined forces to launch research in several related areas, including technologies for security management and personal information security.

Establishing world-leading security technologies

Keio University established the Cybersecurity Research Center to address social issues in the field of cybersecurity, currently among the most pressing facing the global information society. The Center faces high expectations as a facility targeting solutions to cybersecurity challenges, security education, and policy advice. Hitachi has also sought to strengthen security in Japan through various efforts, including developing security technologies and participating in pioneering joint efforts with international organizations. The movement toward a Super Smart Society featuring broader interconnections between a diverse range of systems is already underway. At the same time, advances along this path will generate ever more sophisticated and complex security needs. Beyond engineering issues, effective response to these needs will require multifaceted research from both social and regulatory standpoints. In light of such developments, the two partners have chosen to engage in joint research to make the most of each party's strengths and track records: Keio University has made significant contributions to Internet and IoT technologies for more than 25 years, while Hitachi has introduced practical implementations of numerous security technologies, including innovative technologies that protect systems and network environments against malware. This partnership will gather strength as it addresses a broad range of potential future issues, including security education for security operation, legislation of security policies and related topics, while continuing to devise world-leading security technologies.

Super Smart Society: A society which can attend in detail to the various needs of society by providing necessary items or services to the people who require them, when they are required, in the amount required, thus enabling its citizens to live an active and comfortable life through high quality services regardless of difference in age, sex, region and language, etc.
  • Release Date: February 29, 2016