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Social Innovation

Noida Metro: Fulfilling the Dreams of Millions with Seamless Connectivity

Driven by unprecedented urbanisation, the roads of India's burgeoning cities of Noida and Greater Noida were straining under heavy traffic congestion and increasing environmental pollution. With a mission to make commuting a safe and seamless experience across the National Capital Region (NCR), Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) collaborated with Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd to deliver the Noida Metro. Hitachi’s proficiency in OT x IT technologies to develop the Noida Metro which is powered by Hitachi Rail’s Communication Based Signalling & Train Control System (CBTC). By enabling seamless connectivity between Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida, Hitachi is empowering millions of citizens to lead a better Quality of Life.

Powering Technologically Advanced Metro

Noida Metro, also called Aqua Line, extends for 29.7 kilometres and serves 21 stations from Noida Sector 51 to Delta Depot Station in Greater Noida. For the successful implementation of this landmark project, Hitachi offered end-to-end solutions, including:

  1. Its well-proven Communication Based Signalling & Train Control System (CBTC) which offers seamless integration with the existing Delhi Metro network, significant energy savings and automation capabilities to the Metro operator as well as the highest level of safety.
  2. Telecom suite, including the critical Fiber Optic Transmission System (FOTS) that provides highly reliable voice, data and video communications between the Operation Control Center, stations, Remote Sub Stations and depots.
  3. Practical and in-class training, along with easy-to-follow operation and maintenance manuals, for National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) staff, thereby ensuring smooth operation of the Metro service.

The entire project was completed in just 28 months.

Train Control System (CBTC) for Noida Metro

Empowering Millions with Safe and Reliable Transit Experiences

The last-mile connectivity enabled by the Noida Metro service has not only provided millions of commuters with seamless travel across major landmarks, residential communities, companies and education institutions but also fuelled opportunities for an expanded base for residential and commercial buildings and offices, thus sparking the entire region's economic growth.

Further, by using a regenerative energy-efficient rail system, Hitachi has enabled NMRC to contribute to the government's vision of a sustainable and low-carbon society.

By introducing a new transport link for millions of citizens, Hitachi Social Innovation is Powering Good and enhancing the Social, Environmental and Economic values for the nation. Hitachi is ensuring that the passenger journey is a memorable experience with a positive impact on family life, work life and overall quality of life.

  • Release Date: March 2021
  • Solutions By: Hitachi Rail STS India Pvt. Ltd.