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LabSource provides physicians and healthcare providers with comprehensive toxicology reporting at clinically relevant testing levels using proprietary High Sensitivity Definitive Testing Methodologies. LabSource offers an extensive urine toxicology menu testing over 100 different drugs and metabolites. Patient specimens are shipped overnight and lab test results are available within 24 to 36 hours of the specimen arriving at the toxicology laboratory.


  • LabSource needed to meet growing nitrogen demands during a period of expansion; however, space was limited. After comparing traditional delivery methods to on-site nitrogen gas generation, LabSource chose to install a Peak i-Flow generator with a Hitachi oil-free air compressor. The result was a constant nitrogen supply at a consistent purity, with lower costs to operate over time.




LabSource, LLC


As the volume of specimens and toxicology tests began to rapidly rise, the amount of nitrogen needed to perform daily operations surpassed their bulk tank size and increased delivery costs. With multiple liquid nitrogen deliveries per week and the addition of over 20 new LC-MS/MS analyzers, LabSource decided to compare traditional liquid nitrogen delivery costs with that of on-site nitrogen gas generation. Peak Industrial provided an analysis of the system and determined that the return on investment of a scalable on-demand nitrogen gas solution would quickly be realized.

It’s very reliable, it’s very consistent, it’s almost like you can set it and forget it!

Jenny Jones
VP of Operations, LabSource, LLC on the Hitachi SRL Oil-Free Air Compressor


In order to allow for future expansion, a nitrogen flow of 600 LPM was recommended as a basis of design. A desired output pressure of 100 psig from the Peak i-Flow generator meant that a minimum output pressure from the air compressor needed to be 130 psig to allow for pressure drops through the filters and desiccant dryer. The Hitachi SRL-33kW high-pressure air compressor was the ideal choice to ensure sufficient inlet air flow to the generator while covering the purge loss of the desiccant air dryer and providing partial redundancy to the system. Peak Industrial provided oversight and service throughout the design and installation process of the new system.

Products Used

1. Hitachi SRL-33MA6 Air Compressor
2. Peak i-Flow 6021 Nitrogen Generator


Peak i-Flow 6021 Nitrogen Generator

Peak i-Flow 6021 Nitrogen Generator

Not only did LabSource meet their increasing nitrogen demands, they also reduced their carbon footprint and safety concerns by eliminating the delivery of high-pressure cylinders and liquids.

The synergy between a Hitachi oil-free air compressor and Peak i-Flow nitrogen generator created a hassle-free total solution that is ideal for busy toxicology laboratories.

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