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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

The Importance of Social Innovation and Its Relevance for Asian Societies of Tomorrow
Why Social Innovation Drives Hitachi’s Businesses


Hitachi is committed to building a sustainable world and improving well-being through social innovation.

Using our expertise in environmental and digital technologies, we endeavour to power good by creating a safer and smarter world.

In July of 2022, we brought 30 University students from ASEAN and Japan to Singapore to discuss the importance of social innovation and its relevance in this post pandemic world at our 16th Hitachi Young Leadership Initiative (HYLI).

Together with Asian leaders of today representing governments, businesses, civil society, and academia, we explored how we can all power good with social innovation through our experiences and perspectives.


What Our Students
Are Saying


Belinda sees social innovation as a bridge or accelerator, particularly when there are no economic incentives to resolve social issues.

In such instances, social innovation becomes the driving force for companies and government agencies to act towards improving living conditions.

Belinda Azzahra Irwan Putri

Momo feels that social innovation is a crucial component when it comes to resolving environmental issues.

She sees a symbiotic relationship between the survival of companies and their ability to solve environmental and societal issues.

Momo Hoshino


It is Matthew’s belief that economic progress and societies are inseparable, so companies that prioritise social innovation will experience rapid growth.

He has seen how social innovation can address inequitable disbursement of resources between urban and rural areas in Malaysia and reach out to underserved communities, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matthew Ooi Xian Wei

Vivienne defines social innovation as any idea, project or process that can improve the quality of life.

She believes that people should be the centre of every project, and that by being inclusive and people-centric, we can address larger social problems.

Vivienne Angelica Hernane Viernes


It is Esther’s opinion that companies should focus on social innovation.

Businesses that focus on growth at the expense of sustainability practices can create a lot of social issues such as manpower problems and mental health issues.

Esther Yeoh

Ryan views social innovation as projects that make a tangible impact on people - by improving communities and making the world a better place.

Rather than having a singular focus on profits, businesses should create a utopia through social innovation where we leave no one behind in our quest for economic progress.

Ong Jun Hock, Ryan


For Poorit, social innovation is the backbone of how technology came to be.

It has shaped the world to what it is today, and social innovation will continue to shape the world of tomorrow.

Poorit Lertpaitoonpan

Duc views social innovation as the key sustainable development in any country.

From hunger, poverty to diseases, social innovation can address such issues and improve the well-being of citizens.

Bach Minh Duc


Social innovation starts with a simple idea - that we have the power to change the world. Through our expertise, resources, business solutions and passion, we bring thinkers and doers together to solve some of the most urgent and critical issues that societies are facing today.

Social innovation is the foundation of what we do at Hitachi, and through our engagement and empowerment of young leaders, we hope to improve people’s lives and contribute to a better tomorrow.






Date of Release: October 2022