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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

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Powering good in Myanmar with transformers

With the rapid economic development in Myanmar in recent years, the demand for electric power in the country has also been increasing rapidly. However, the lack of power infrastructure to support this growing demand is a major issue. The Myanmar government has set itself the medium to long term goal of increasing its electrification ratio from the level of 37% in 2016 to 100% by 2030*.

One aspect of this initiative is the Myanmar National Electrification Project (NEP), which is a plan to achieve electricity supply to every household in Myanmar through the establishment of a nationwide power distribution grid, with funding from the World Bank.


In 2017, Hitachi Soe Electricity and Machinery Co., Ltd. won the tender for the delivery of approximately 5,400 distribution transformers, and received orders for the delivery of approximately 5,600 distribution transformers in 2019. Together with the Myanmar government, Hitachi will work on supporting the stable supply of electrical power and powering good for the people in Myanmar.

See how the lives of the people in a remote village in Myanmar have changed with the installation of a distribution transformer in their village in April 2018.

Release Date: March 2020