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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Why Hitachi is in the Business of Improving Lives

The Hitachi Story of Addressing Social Needs

In 1910, Hitachi was founded. The year of the company’s formation was marked by Hitachi’s completion of a 5-horsepower induction motor (5HP motor) – the first locally-manufactured motor of its kind for Japan, an Asian country.

Today, Hitachi is a global conglomerate playing a key role in pioneering ground-breaking new technologies that are improving the quality of life for people across Southeast Asia and the world.

Even as we have continued to grow and evolve through our century-long history, our commitment to addressing society’s most pressing challenges with new, innovative solutions has remained unchanged.

Why is it that we continue to do what we do?

A Promise to
Contribute to Society
Through Innovation

The answer lies in Hitachi’s founder, Namihei Odaira.

Since the beginning, Odaira’s mission has been to ‘contribute to society through the development of superior, original technology and products’.

This mission is intrinsically linked with the origins of Hitachi.

During Odaira’s time, heavy machineries and mining equipment in Japan were largely imported and prone to breakdowns. Due to this, workers were regularly forced to work through the night to complete repairs. Driven by a strong desire to create superior, break-proof equipment that would significantly improve working conditions for these mine workers, Hitachi’s first product, the 5HP motor, was created.

Since our founding, the Hitachi‘s Values of Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit have been essential in helping us to accomplish our mission. These values, shaped by the experiences and achievements of our company’s predecessors, form the Hitachi Founding Spirit.

This mission and founding spirit have been carefully passed down through the years and have formed the core of the Hitachi Group Identity. They are a guide in every aspect of our operations, from the business that we pursue to the solutions that we create.

Hitachi is Inspiring Generations Since its Inception

Rising to the Pressing Social Challenges in Each Era

In every age, society is faced with a range of challenging social issues.

For more than 110 years, Hitachi has never strayed from its mission and has always strived to tackle these issues head-on with Harmony, Sincerity and Pioneering Spirit.

In its early years in the 1920s, Hitachi prioritised recovery efforts in the aftermath of the Great Kanto Earthquake over profits. When faced with the choice of pursuing more immediate profit-making activities in other regions or focusing on reconstruction efforts in an earthquake-devastated Tokyo, the answer was clear: Hitachi chose to engage in the work that would best contribute to society.

In today’s context, one of the greatest social challenges we collectively face is climate change.

This is why Hitachi is championing the fight against climate change through new innovations in digital technologies and solutions. In addition to our corporate commitment towards achieving a decarbonised society, we are also focusing our efforts on pioneering smarter, greener technology that will pave the way for a sustainable future, both within the Southeast Asia region and beyond.

Hitachi’s Mission to combat social issues with innovation

Paving the way for a sustainable future

Right from the recovery and growth from the dreadful Kanto 7.9 magnitude earthquake in 1920s
To fight the current climate change

Hitachi is in the Social Innovation Business

As the world continues to grow more sophisticated and interconnected, the social issues that affect us will grow larger and more complex. In such a landscape, Hitachi’s commitment to improving the quality of life for people will remain the same.

We do this because of our Mission and Values, but even more so because we envision a better future – one where we deliver innovations that answer society's challenges and inspire the world. This is our Vision, and the goal we continually aspire towards in all that we do.

Be it yesterday, today or tomorrow, we promise to stay true to the same mission and founding spirit that have led us since the very beginning.

Hitachi’s Everlasting Promise

be there
a bright
continue inspiring

Today, tomorrow, now and always…


Date of Release: March 2022