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Social Innovation in Southeast Asia

Throughout our history, social innovations have played a central role in our technological transformation. By applying technology to resolve social innovation challenges, the Philippines is looking to solve the urbanisation challenges of Metro Manila.

Metro Manila, the most densely populated region in the Philippines
Accounting for 36.5% of the country’s GDP, Metro Manila is home to more than 12 million people. It is also the most densely populated region in the country with a population density of 20,785 persons per km2, more than 60 times higher than the national level.

Every day, residents of the city have to deal with one of its most pressing concerns: traffic congestion. A 2017 survey ranked Metro Manila as the 3rd-worst congested city in Asia. People had to spend 66 minutes on average stuck in traffic every day.

According to a study, traffic congestion costs the Philippine economy up to P3.5 billion (US$67 million) a day. If no intervention takes place, this amount is likely to increase to over P5.4 billion (US$104 million) a day by 2035. Over the same period, transport costs will have risen by 2.5 times, drastically affecting the livelihoods of lower-income groups more than the rest.

By 2030, Metro Manila is expected to house 14 million people. This growth will further complicate the urbanisation issues and add more stress to the city. To resolve this, the government has embarked on the New Clark City project to decongest the city.

New Clark City: a long-term initiative to decongest Metro Manila


Just 80 km away from Metro Manila lies New Clark City, a development with improved urban planning, infrastructure and public services …

Linking New Clark City to Metro Manila by rail


As the development in New Clark City takes shape, the government is planning to connect the upcoming city, based in Central Luzon…

An efficient energy management system for New Clark City


For power generation, New Clark City is looking to avoid heavy reliance on non-renewable sources of energy…

Social innovation led by technological solutions
New Clark City is just the first step to decongest Metro Manila and absorb population growth by focusing on technological solutions for social innovation. By working hand-in-hand with policymakers, we help to co-create a better future for the Philippines in the years to come.

At Hitachi, our expertise in IT and Operational Technology helps to advance social innovation and raise the quality of life in the communities we serve.

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