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Treating Cancer with Proton Therapy

A cutting-edge cancer treatment that is more precise and comes with lesser side effects

Cancer is the number 1 killer in Singapore. 1 in 3 Singaporeans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. These are some sobering statistics from the Ministry of Health.

The new National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) building, slated for completion in 2022, will house a comprehensive Therapy Centre named the Goh Cheng Liang Proton Therapy Centre. The centre will be fully integrated with a proton therapy system by Hitachi.

Proton therapy is a cutting-edge cancer treatment that reduces side effects commonly found in conventional radiotherapy. The system works by sending protons to the site of the tumour, where they release their energy. The healthy cells in front of the tumour get a low dose of radiation, and the ones behind it are not exposed at all.

While this technology is already in use in certain hospitals in Japan and USA, this will be the first such comprehensive centre in Southeast Asia. It will provide more treatment options and hopefully improve cancer survival rates.

The fight against cancer is tough, and the road to recovery is often long. Hitachi hopes to continue this collaboration with medical professionals and institutions such as the NCCS to battle against this cancer tsunami.

Find out more about Hitachi’s Proton Therapy (Link to Healthcare Site. Open in new window).