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Social Innovation

    Here are some highlights from Hitachi's activities that support financial systems

    Developing a financial system that understands people’s lifestyles

    Accessing financial services is essential for companies and individuals. It is also important to simplify shopping payments in stores and various procedures at financial institutions.
    These considerations are fueling Hitachi’s ongoing efforts to integrate finance, insurance and digital technology with partners who are also committed to financial service innovations. Hitachi’s IoT platform “Lumada” integrates expertise in developing and deploying financial systems with artificial intelligence, big data analytics and even blockchain technologies. Hitachi’s collaborative creation with financial institutions around the world are not just for streamlining tasks, but also for developing new financial products and building new business models that link finance with other business fields.

    Leveraging the power of collaborative creation through Lumada to revolutionize financial services

    Harnessing advanced data analysis so more people can get insurance coverage, even if suffering from chronic ailments

    People often say they’ve given up on trying to obtain life insurance coverage because of chronic ailments or illness histories. This may change one day, as advanced analysis of medical big data better predicts hospitalization likelihoods and the length of stays. Some new types of life insurance are emerging that can cater to individuals with lifestyle diseases.

    New Funding Support Service Using Business Transaction Data

    Funding is always a challenge for corporate managers. Businesses need quick access to finances to respond to constant challenges and opportunities. At the same time, financial institutions find it hard to make funding decisions. It can be difficult to understand what small- and medium-sized businesses actually do. This is where the timely and accurate visualization of a company’s financial and transaction data comes into play. This information can help conduct feasibility assessment based on business transaction data for financial institutions and ensure new funding support services for small- and medium-sized companies.

    Fintech to Drive Financial Services Digitization in Emerging Nations

    The digitization of financial services in emerging nations is garnering attention as a means to improve the operational efficiency of financial institutions. It’s also a vital social infrastructure tool for electronic money and other convenient non-cash settlement vehicles for consumers. We are strengthening ties with local Fintech companies, conducting R&D in blockchain technology, and pursuing collaborative creation with financial institutions.


    To resolve the issues and challenges that companies face, and to materialize user-centric financial services, Hitachi visualizes and analyzes an array of business data with the latest information technologies. Through collaborative creation with financial institutions, we will continue to support the growth of all businesses.