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Hitachi's Business Improvement Service Harnesses AI to Solve Corporate Management Issues

Hitachi has begun offering its new Hitachi AI* Technology/Business Improvement Service, a service that applies artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to address corporate management goals like increasing sales or reducing costs. From vast volumes of complex business data, this service helps clients identify elements with strong relationships to an organization's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), thereby generating proposals for innovative improvement measures.

A solutions business that applies AI

Until now, organizations seeking to identify business performance solutions have hired experts deeply familiar with a specific industry or business. These experts would then develop hypotheses and undertake repeated analysis and testing of related data. In recent years, however, the data used in these efforts has grown more voluminous and complex, making it increasingly difficult to quickly identify solutions based on this approach.
Drawing on Hitachi AI Technology/H, Hitachi proposes measures that respond effectively to these management issues. By identifying important elements in the data-including elements experts may have considered unrelated to KPIs and omitted in their analysis and hypotheses-this approach generates innovative solutions that do not depend solely on the ideas of experts. This technology has already established a track record in business reforms across a wide range of fields, including finance, transportation, distribution, logistics, plants, manufacturing, and healthcare, thereby helping to tackle social and management challenges and contributing to business growth.

Verified cases of business improvements

In the retail industry, Hitachi identified measures that increase average sales per customer based on consumer sales data and behavioral data gathered from the customer's arrival at a store to the actual purchase.
Facilities maintenance
In the maintenance of large-scale transport facilities, Hitachi focused on elements related to the use of facilities and to facilities environments, identified previously unseen factors that affect the deterioration of facilities, and developed new methods for controlling maintenance costs.

AI:Artificial Intelligence

  • Release Date: October 26, 2015