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Social Innovation

India…is the fifth largest producer and consumer of electricity with an installed capacity in excess of 300 GW. But, to achieve its power to all vision, the government is seeking innovative, scalable, low carbon footprint solutions.

Leveraging its global expertise, Hitachi in India is engaged in creating sustainable, eco-friendly and innovative recyclable resource based energy solutions.

The cutting edge products of Hitachi Hi-Rel Power Electronics conform and promote essential criteria of availability, affordability, reliability and quality of electricity supply, which are fundamental pillars of successfully achieving the 'Power for All' program objectives.

For example, by collaborating with one of India's largest power conglomerates, Hitachi is helping the nation harness its abundant solar power.

Hitachi is bringing Social Innovation to India's energy sector.

With the increasing velocity of growth in India, the country's onus to use and generate power has considerably increased. Hitachi's innovative power technologies are helping the nation to generate cleaner power from low-polluting recyclable resources and store effectively.

Energy in India

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