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Social Innovation

Transforming Lives
& Shaping a Better

Co-creating social and business value to
accelerate India’s growth with advanced
Research and Development.

Breakthrough Initiatives for India’s Robust Transformation

  • RAISE (Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Social Empowerment)

    Driving India’s vision and roadmap for social transformation, inclusion, and empowerment through responsible AI.

  • AIM (Atal Innovation Mission)

    Nurturing the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in India and ensuring that innovation reaches the remotest corners.

  • UAY (Ucchatar Avishkar Yojana)

    Promoting innovation that directly impacts the needs of the industries and improves the competitive edge of the Indian manufacturing and design industry.

  • Digital India

    An initiative to ensure that the Government of India's services are accessible and available to all Indian citizens electronically, to propel digital transformation in India.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Transforming Lives for a Better Tomorrow

Our Sustainable Solutions – A Deep Dive

Electric Vehicle Technology
EV Battery-as-a-Service Solutions

Pioneering sustainable and innovative technologies that accelerate adoption of “As-a-Service” or Subscription-based business models that will encourage seamless Electric Vehicles (EV) transition for fleet owners and individual buyers.

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Machine Learning Technology
AI-Driven Solutions

Built an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) platform powered by AI and Machine Learning technology which enables people to effortlessly communicate their needs through voice commands and access the information they need to improve their lives.

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Leadership Thought

Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee - Director and Head of R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi India R&D is fully committed to Connective Industries, Digital Innovation, and Green Energy and Mobility. We conduct cutting-edge research and development in support of regional business as well as other Hitachi R&D centers worldwide. We are fully committed to social innovation, greener society and sustainability. We are full-fledged partners in the Government initiatives like "Digital India" and "Make in India". We believe in Business Value Demonstration via Rapid Engineering. We see Artificial Intelligence as a key enabler, today and tomorrow. Most of all, we believe we can fly.

Dr. Kingshuk Banerjee Director and Head of R&D Centre, Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd.

Case Studies – A Glimpse of Our Success Stories

Digital Payments Solutions

Partnering with a Leading Public Sector Bank

To drive the growth of digital payments in India, Hitachi India R&D is collaborating with Hitachi Payment Services to provide merchant-centric analytics solutions to a prominent public sector bank. This solution is designed to enhance the transaction revenue of the payments business by offering proactive value-added services to customers.

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